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Bisha's lumps are deep cheek fat. It forms in early infancy and helps the child suck breast milk, creating negative pressure in the oral cavity due to its volume. When a person grows up, the function becomes unnecessary and the lumps naturally decrease. But not always in sufficient degree. They can create certain aesthetic or functional problems.

How the procedure is carried out:

Through the mucous cavity of the mouth, with the help of a microincision, extraction and removal of deep visceral fat (Bisha lumps) is carried out. After that, sutures are placed, which are removed within 7-10 days, or they dissolve independently.

Anesthesia: local.

Preoperative recommendations:

  • Together with the doctor, perform an assessment of the state of health (blood tests, presence of diseases, allergies and reception of ordinary medicines);
  • One week before the operation, you should limit your intake of alcohol and abstain from nicotine;
  • The operation is not performed during the menstrual cycle.

Recovery: about 7-10 days

Post-operative recommendations:

  • Limitation of reception of hard food 2-3 days;
  • Limiting alcohol intake and smoking per week;
  • Limitation of physical exertion, visits to baths and saunas, sunstroke during 2 weeks;

Sutures dissolve (if they are made from absorbable threads) or are removed 7-10 days after the operation.

Advantages of the procedure for removing lumps in the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Alter-MED:

  • On the face there are no incisions as the work is carried out in the oral cavity;
  • The clinic has a safe anesthesia and resuscitation system, which allows rapid post-operative rehabilitation;
  • The plastic surgeon observes the patient for 1 year after the surgical intervention;
  • The clinic staff is at the disposal of the patient throughout the rehabilitation period and provides the necessary assistance for a quick recovery during the post-operative period.


Bishop: 800 - 1000 euro (at the exchange rate of the national bank)

Telephone for registration: 022 58 98 22

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