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Thread lifting (lifting with the help of threads)

thred_lifting Thread lifting - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică

Thread lifting (lifting with the help of threads)-  adjusts the contour of the face, lifts the lowered (pendulous) tissues. They are widely used as one of the methods of rejuvenation. Action:

  • able to form a beautiful frame of the skin,
  • prevents the lowering of tissues,
  • stimulates the formation of collagen,
  • increases the skin turgor,
  • reduces the mimic activity in certain areas,
  • has a tightening effect.

The polypaprolactone surgical threads manufactured in Italy (Promoitalia), APTOS (Germany), have the ability to lift the tissues by means of the side crests that are inserted into the deep layers, and lactic acid that enters into the composition of the material has a continuous stimulating effect on metabolic processes.

With the help of these fibers, we can achieve a lifting effect for at least 2 years, as long as they are stored in the tissues.

The procedure is recommended for people suffering from the drooping of eyelid, face oval, wrinkles in the area of the neck.

Recovery time: minimum 3-5 days, maximum 10 days, risk after the procedure – haematomas (bruises).

Duration of the procedure is 1 hour 30 minutes.

The price is 10 000.


  • The procedure is performed by the advanced practice doctor dermato-cosmetologist.
  • At the consultation the doctor will establish the plan of dermato-cosmetological treatment, will provide information on the correct skin care.

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Thread lifting - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică