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Removal of veruccas

Removal of veruccas (condylomas), moles (nevi), papillomas, condylomas - dermatologist with advanced training in the field of oncology, venereology will remove benign tumoural formations.

The method consists of: the removal of the moles with the help of radio-frequency technology, radio waves allow to make precise and fine excisions that will be healed much faster and in most cases without scars.

Before the procedure, it is performed the local anaesthesia, after the procedure it is recommended to apply an antiseptic solution. Recovery is 7-10 days.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes, the price is 100 - 550 lei.


  • The procedure is performed by the advanced practice doctor dermato-cosmetologist.
  • At the consultation the doctor will establish the plan of dermato-cosmetological treatment, will provide information on the correct skin care.

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