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mesoterapia Mesotherapy - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică

Mesotherapy – the introduction of a “cocktail” of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, lipolytic substances (which burn fats) for the purpose of rejuvenation, treatment of spots, lipolysis, treatment of hair loss.

  • The doctor with the help of thin needles injects a small amount of active substances into certain areas, depending on the problem to be treated.
  • The main indications for mesotherapy are:
    • skin aging, wrinkles, loss of the elasticity and tone of the skin, dry, devoid of shining skin,
    • pigmented spots
    • cellulite, double chin, burning of localized fats
    • hair loss
    • under-eye circles
  • At the end of the procedure it is applied a soothing alginate mask.
  • The duration of the procedure is 1 hour, the cost is 1000 lei.


  • The procedure is performed by the advanced practice doctor dermato-cosmetologist.
  • At the consultation the doctor will establish the plan of dermato-cosmetological treatment, will provide information on the correct skin care.

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Mesotherapy - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică