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liposuctie Liposuction - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică

Liposuction – exsufflation of the excessive fat from different parts of body: abdomen, body sides, hips, clunis, hands, chin.

  • Method consists of: making a small incision with the dimension of no more than 3 mm, exsufflation of fat with the help of the cannula.

With the help of this method, you can quickly get rid of fat deposits, achieve without effort the desired silhouette.

  • Anaesthesia: local, potentiated intravenous, general (depending on the area).
  • Inpatient facility: one night after the intervention.
  • Preoperative preparation: a standard set of investigations for local anaesthesia.
  • Recovery: 10 days – 3 weeks.
  • Postoperative recommendations: compression bandage.


  • The surgeons “Alter-MED” will sculpt the body shapes to the desired ideal. Professionalism of the surgeon will allow in some cases the execution of intervention under local anaesthesia and a faster recovery.
  • The surgeon will monitor the patient after intervention for 1 year.
  • The price is determined during the first consultation individually.


Liposuction varies between 1000-1100 euros (according to the BNM exchange rate)

Liposucție zonă mică : 600-800 euro (conform cursului BNM)

Liposucție abdomen : 1200 euro (conform cursului BNM)

Lipomiosculpturare argon plasma: 300 euro (conform cursului BNM)

For appointment call 022 58 98 22

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Liposuction - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică