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Lipofilling procedure

lipofilling-1 Lipofilling - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică

Lipofilling (Lipotransfer – therapy of contouring with own fat)

lipofilling-2 Lipofilling - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie PlasticăLipofilling is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the transfer of own fat from the areas with the excess deposits and injection into the areas with the deficiencies of volume. It is used especially for the augmentation of clunis, but can be used also for the breast augmentation or correction of the volume of various anatomical formations.

  • The method consists of: injection of own adipose tissue. The procedure is carried out in two stages. Initially it is collected own fat, with the help of the thin cannula, from the areas with the fat easy to collect and of good quality (such as the lower abdomen or flanks). In the second stage, it is carried out the injection in the marked areas, which are filled with the collected and purified fat.
  • Anaesthesia: local, intravenous potentiation, in some cases general.
  • In-patient department: 2h after intervention, in case of general anaesthesia - one night after intervention.
  • Preoperative preparation: standard set of investigations for local/general anesthesia.
  • Recuperation: 10 days - 3 weeks.
  • Postoperative recommendations: avoidance of physical effort and of the exposure to high temperatures, compressive dressing.


  • The surgeons of “Alter-MED” will sculpt the shapes of the face or body to the desired ideal. The professionalism of an experienced aesthetician surgeon allows in some cases the execution of intervention under local anaesthesia. Such aesthetic operation has a faster recovery.
  • You can obtain the similar results though the injection of some fillers or use of implants, but using only own tissues. Injection of own fat fits for many aesthetic interventions: enlargement of clunis, breasts or lips, rejuvenation of hands, correction of expression wrinkles
  • The areas from which is taken by means of liposuction the adipose tissue decreases in volume, so that a double advantage for the silhouette is obtained. A complex body remodeling is obtained.
  • Injection of own fat means the use of an absolutely compatible material. The adipose tissue does not cause the inflammations, decreases drastically the risk of allergic reactions or rejection reactions, because originates from the same body.
  • Surgical procedures through lipofilling are minimally invasive, practically do not leave signs or scars. This is due to the fact that the small areas of access are required for the collection and injection.
  • The surgeon will monitor the patient after the intervention for 1 year. The results obtained by lipofilling will be supervised by a specialist who will, if necessary, provide advice and assistance.
  • The price for the injection of the own fat is established at the first consultation, individually. Communicating directly with the doctor aesthetician, you can plan effectively your budget for intervention, depending on the state of the body at the moment and the desired results.

Prices of lipofilling:

Lipofilling - 500-900 euro (according to the BNM exchange rate)

For appointment, arrange the visit on telephone number 022 58 98 22


Lipofilling - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică