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Face lifting

Face lifting – lifting of neck, area of cheeks, temporal and frontal area.
Method consists of: the removal of excessive skin in the frontal, temporal area, with the purpose of the tightening of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye;

  • lifting of the area of cheeks and area of neck will lift the pendulous cheek and will correct the line of the lower jaw,
  • will remove the unwanted wrinkles in the area of neck, thus giving youth to face.

The sutures are usually made in aesthetically hidden anatomical planes.

  • Anaesthesia: general, local in exceptional cases.
  • Inpatient facility: hospitalization for one night after the intervention.
  • Preoperative preparation: a standard set of investigations for general anaesthesia.
  • Recovery: 14-20 days.
  • Postoperative recommendations: application of compression dressings, stage dressings.


  • The surgeons “Alter-MED” perform several techniques with the repositioning of both the skin and the deep tissues, the mastery of the surgical action will be associated with integral harmonization of facial structures.
  • The surgeon will monitor the patient after intervention for 1 year.
  • The price is determined during the first consultation individually.


Face lifting total: 2500 euros

Face Lifting two areas: 2000 euros

Face lift area: 1200 euros

Lifting the time zone: 900 euros

For appointment call 022 58 98 22

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