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Face modeling by hyaluronic acid

Face modeling by hyaluronic acid – a product existing in the body that fills the wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, forms the contour of the face, cheeks, enhances the lips.

The method consists of: modeling of lips, filling of wrinkles by stabilized hyaluronic acid. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure. Correction is recommended in 10-14 days after the injection.

After the procedure, it is necessary to apply locally the ice bag for the purpose of the prevention of the appearance of ecchymosis (bruising), anti-inflammatory ointment.

Duration of the action: 12-18 months.

Contraindications after the procedure:

  • to avoid sauna and solarium for 2 weeks.

Duration of the procedure: 30-40 minutes, price - 3050 lei


  • The procedure is performed by the advanced practice doctor dermato-cosmetologist.
  • At the consultation the doctor will establish the plan of dermato-cosmetological treatment, will provide information on the correct skin care.

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