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Dermatoscopy is the method of differentiation of cutaneous lesions, of identification of atypical moles, of diagnosis of incipient forms of skin cancer..

With the help of the unique device of RM FOTOFINDER, the doctor will examine in detail each mole, will determine the degree and risk of malignization, will come with a diagnostic report on the printer or by email.

Early diagnosis of skin cancer can save lives. For this reason, the diagnosis of moles, especially in case of some changes of shape or colour, is very important for health. The MOLEANALYZER system allows with the accuracy of 99% establishing a correct diagnosis.


  • Timely monitoring of moles, prevention of appearance of skin cancer.
  • On the same day, the doctor, following the received report, will remove the nevus (mole) if necessary. Surgical excision of atypical moles that present a risk is necessary for their examination at the histology laboratory (that determines with certainty the type of tissue).
  • In the Clinic are used several methods of the removal of moles: cryodestruction, radiofrequency, diathermoexcision, surgical removal.

Duration of procedure: 30 minutes.

Price of dermatoscopy and removal of moles:

Dermatoscopic examination of a nevus – 300 lei, up to 5 moles – 500 lei.

Price of removal of a nevus (mole):

  • • cryodestruction – 100 lei
  • • radiodestruction – 550 lei
  • • surgical – 1100 lei

There are many types of moles and it can be difficult to monitor their evolution on your own. For a detailed examination, the visual analysis is not enough – the dermatoscope enlarges considerably the image of the formation, allowing at the same time the visualization of the superficial and deep structures. Dermatoscopy is effective because it rings the alarm early, as soon as dangerous signs appear on the skin. Do not hesitate to verify the state of your skin in time!

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Dermatoscopy - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică