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Endoscopic Surgery

chirurgie-endoscopicaEndoscopic Surgery

If you want a smooth forehead, without having to resort to Botox injections, we offer you a long-term solution: Endoscopic surgery of forehead. This consists in the intersection of the mimic muscles of the forehead and the application of the suture for a lifting effect on the frontal region.

The corresponding intervention offers a prolonged Botox effect, approximately 7 years. There are several types: frontal, temporal endoscopic surgery, of the middle third of face (cheeks).

  • Anaesthesia: general
  • Inpatient facility: 1 day
  • Preoperative preparation: in addition to the standard set of analyses.

Advantages of Endoscopic Surgery:

  • Hidden area of incision, immediate effect, rapid rehabilitation.
  • Duration of intervention 45-60 min.
  • The surgeon will monitor the patient after the operation for 1 year.

Price: 1200 euro (according to the BNM exchange rate)

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Endoscopic surgery of forehead - Clinica de Medicină Estetică și Chirurgie Plastică