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Blepharoplasty (plastic reconstruction of eyelids) – removal of excessive skin at the level of eyelids, removal of blue shadows under the eyes (hernia).

  • Method consists of: removal of excessive skin, fat and muscles at the level of the upper or lower eyelid. With the help of this intervention, you can get rid of:
    • the appearance of the beetling upper eyelid,
    • blue shadows at the level of the lower eyelid (swollen lower eyelid)
    • unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Anaesthesia: the intervention is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • Day patient facility: 4 hours after the intervention.
  • Preoperative preparation: a standard set for investigations for local anaesthesia.
  • Recovery: 7-10 days.
  • Post-operative recommendations: for 24 hours avoid action requiring eye strain, exposure to hot steam.


  • It is the most popular procedure in the correction of the signs of aging.
  • The surgeons of the Clinic “Alter-MED” performed over 2000 classical as well as innovative interventions.
  • The surgeon will monitor the patient after intervention for 1 year.
  • The price is determined during the first consultation individually.

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